Hard Drive Savers, Inc.

We offer affordable data recovery.







Our main service is data recovery


  We can recover your data from:

  •  Hard disks that are physically damaged or faulty as well as file system problems

  •  Laptops, desktops, memory cards, external disks, Ipods, camera hard drives, servers, CDs, DVDs, hard drive types: IDE, SCSI, SATA, 2.5', 3.5', 1.8'

  • Any disk from all systems, including Windows XP, Win 2000, NT, Win98, Netware, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.

  • Any disk, any corrupted file, email or database system SQL, Oracle, Access, Notes, Exchange, etc.

  We can recover your data in the following


  • Damaged, Failed or Faulty Hard Disk

  • Hard Disk is not detected by computer

  • Hard Disk is not spinning

  • Power failures

  • Flood drives

  • Deleted Files and Emails

  • Formatted Hard Disk

  • Hard Disk is making clicking sounds

Our laboratory has custom hardware and software uniquely developed for data recovery. Our Data Recovery service is performed in a class 100 clean room.

We GUARANTEE Confidentiality and Privacy of your data. Your data will be secure at all times.










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