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We GUARANTEE Confidentiality and Privacy of your data. Your data will be secure at all times.

Expedite Fee: $200.00    For time sensitive data recovery, service time is 1-2 days.

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  Logical Data Recovery.  NTFS, FAT under 200GB                $99.00


  Logical Data Recovery. NTFS, FAT over 200GB                   $199.00


Logical Data Recovery. Mac OS, UNIX                                 $199.00


Outlook PST Logical Recovery                                            $199.00


 Laptop Data Recovery  for 2.5 inch drives under 80Gb         $299.00


  Ipod Data Recovery                                                          $349.00


 Laptop Data Recovery  for 2.5 inch drives over  80Gb           $349.00


  Laptop Data Recovery for  1.8 inch drives                           $349.00


  Desktop Data Recovery for IDE drives under 100Gb              $349.00


  Desktop Data Recovery for IDE drives   100gb-300gb         $399.00


  Data Recovery for SATA drives under 320gb                       $399.00


  Data recovery for drives  301gb-500gb                               $599.00


  Data Recovery for SCSI                                                     $599.00


  Data recovery for drives  501gb-750gb                            $799.00


  Data recovery for drives  751gb-1TB                                   $999.00


Turn around time is 3-5 days, larger drives might require additional time. For faster service 1-2 days expedite service is available for an additional fee of $200.00.


If you can find a lower price for an invasive recovery we will match it!


Prices are for individual drives only. For RAID please call: (727)-637-8589 for pricing.



      Our Data Recovery service is performed in a class 100 clean room.   


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